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Who we Are?

Drive Tester LLC provides various services and solutions to assist providers in managing radio frequency network design, optimization, operation, and maintenance at a low cost.

We assist commercial and government clients dedicated to telecommunications, sustainable infrastructure, and commercial development.

We have a skilled team proficient in engineering, construction, and information technology. Our unique strength lies in our collaborative approach, delivering extensive services that precisely stand out in customizing solutions to our clients' needs.

Our Services

RF Planning and Design

With the help of RF planning and design services, you can maximize the performance of your wireless network by using professional measures like coverage planning, interference analysis, and continuous monitoring. Get a more dependable and practical wireless network experience with enhanced coverage, decreased interference, and cost optimization.

Network Optimization

Using data analysis, traffic routing, and automation, telecom network optimization can boost the performance and dependability of your communications network. For outstanding service, increase client happiness, competitiveness, and innovation across mobile, broadband, and corporate networks.

Network Testing

You can ensure your telecom network runs smoothly with thorough testing services. For increased dependability and efficiency, proactively identify and fix problems, improve the client experience, and maximize performance.

Network Audit and Benchmarking

Optimize your telecom network with our network audit and benchmarking services. Drive-Tester LLC Telecommunication Services conducts on-the-road assessments, identifying signal weaknesses and performance issues. By fusing data analysis with on-site inspections, we enable telecom firms to lower expenses, improve network performance, and maintain competitiveness in a changing market.

Network Monitoring

Our proactive approach involves continuous monitoring during on-the-road testing and events. We identify and address potential issues in real-time to minimize downtime. Gain valuable insights into traffic patterns and optimize resource allocation, ensuring strong, reliable, and secure networks for an enhanced customer experience.


To prevent misuse and possible repercussions, ensure 911 services are responsibly tested. Alternatively, try calling the non-emergency hotline in your area or using specialized testing services.

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